Cartridge Cleaning


Cartridge Cleaning With An Eraser: Throwback Thursday DJ Technique

Did turntables ever really go away? We’ve seen a continued rise of back-to-basics DJ gear, with companies and DJs alike reconsidering the trusty turntable as their weapon of choice. For this week’s Throwback Thursday DJ tip, Ean shares an old method of cleaning the contact points on DJ cartridges and tone arms – watch the full thing inside!

A few notes about using an eraser to clean your cartridge’s contact points: first off, this might not solve your issues. If you’re having problems with the needle itself, cleaning the contacts won’t help much.
This eraser trick is good for a quick fix (without licking the cartridge, which will eventually start to cause even more corrosion problems) in a club situation or when you don’t have proper supplies. For a really good cleaning, use a bit of isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip cotton swab on both contact points (inside the tonearm and on the end of the needle.
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