Jay Richy Chi Bully My Djs Radio Interview


Jay Richy has a deep and heart connection with his music. He tells Chi Bully how he found music through being shuffled through the foster care system. Jay Richy is a Model, Poet, Rapper, Actor from Compton California.

Debuting his rap career in the 10th grade with only a homies laptop and a small room to record in. He made it work and as time progressed so did the access and exposure needed to be able to take on the rap game. From there Jay sprang into the rap scene and started doing shows locally and such. Throughout all of that he lost his passion for the music game because it came to a point when he was not productive. Leading him to stop music for two years. Jay caught the creative bug and started making new music in the fall of the 2015 and released his second mix tape “RiBerth” in January 2016.