Mr. Hek | Neo Soul and R&B mix on Facebook Live!


Mr. Hek sharing Neo Soul and R&B mix on Facebook Live!

Mr. Hek (aka Dj Hektik)

Hailing from San Diego, California; Mr. Hek set out to embody the eclectic spirit and colorful vibe of his hometown through his music selections and Dj sets.

Also known as Dj Hektik, this talented artist started out because of his love for hip-hop. As they say, the rest is history. Mr. Hek refused to get stuck in a box, preferring instead to experiment with different musical ideas and styles. In order to find his own voice, Mr. Hek embarked on a journey through rap, dancehall, neo soul and trap among others.

Mr. Hek developed this particularly kaleidoscopic style throughout a career that looks back on over two decades of experiences, releases, production work and live performances within the local scene and beyond. In fact, his work is not only limited to the San Diego local scene: Mr. Hek had the chance to tour around the country and perform at some of the best venues across the northern hemisphere. Among countless events throughout the years it’s definitely worth mentioning his appearance at parties and events the likes of Yo Son! in Seattle (voted best party in the USA by Rolling Stone Magazine) and legendary Flavor of the Month parties in San Francisco,

When it comes to the club scene, the environment can be kind of saturated. Club promoters and media professionals literally have to dig, night and day, between an impressive amount of demo suggestions and promotional pitches. You would not believe how hard it is for them to find something truly unique and worth their while. Luckily, every once in a while a true gem makes its way up the pile full of stones and rises to the top of the hill. This is definitely the case of Mr. Hek and his diverse approach that strives to stay always fresh and appealing.

Let the music tell you the rest of this story and head over to Mr. Hek’s official account on Soundcloud, where you can stream a great selection of material, from latest to releases to live mixes.

Mr. Hek @officialmrhek
Mr. Hek

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