Pallbearers @ MY DJs Radio Studios


Pallbearers came out to MY DJs Radio Studios to support Wil King’s video shoot.  DJ Swoll backed project by taking care of things behind to scenes!  These brothas’ are about their business!

Who are the Pallbearers?

Six Lyricists, two producers, one focus; “To send ‘Hip Hop to the grave and reawaken it!’ “ Pallbearers bring a track that’s symbolic of burying rap. Six emcees carry the casket, accompanied by funeral music created through collaboration of two proficient up-and-coming producers. Diversity and lyricism at it’s finest.

A Hip Hop Collective consisting of emcees from various backgrounds and various styles. Two of the emcees are from Chicago (Chi Bully & Legacy), None illa is from Oakland Ca, 5 One hails from Pensacola Fl, Ma$$ and Adonis Da Hottest both rep San Diego as well as the two producers (Basshead and Matic). All emcees have their own movement, respect and buzz within San Diego where they now all currently reside. However they have came together to help contribute to bringing powerful lyricism, and unbreakable focus to the Hip Hop music scene.

These 6 come together to carry the ‘Rap’ game in it’s casket to help represent hip hop…


Check out: PALLBEARERS [Official Video]


Follow the Pallbearers:

Chi Bully: @ChiBully | Mass: @MassOrDie | 5 One: @5OneMuzik None illa: @None_illa | Legacy: @TheLegacyIsReal | Adonis: @adonisdahottest Producers: Matic: (IG) @Tharealmatic_619 | Basshead: @BassheadBeatz

Source: The Cypher Effect