Rekordbox 4.1-Plus Pack Update – DVS Compatible


The Pioneer DJ team are on the innovative move. They recently released the Rekordbox dj is a Plus Pack that expands the potential of Rekordbox, letting you play with CDJs, XDJs or controllers, all from the same Rekordbox library. The Rekordbox Dj plus pack, features MIDI Learn functionality, and low latency scratch control using the Control Vinyl. Rekordbox DVS and the Control Vinyl work hand-in-hand to give you a smooth, low latency scratching experience with excellent sound quality. The software uses the same audio processing engine as the pro-DJ set-up to deliver a high quality sound, while the lightweight Control Vinyl is highly responsive. You can use Rekordbox DVS with all Pioneer DVS compatible mixers and controllers, so it will fit right in with your existing set-up.

There are 2 modes – ‘ABSOLUTE MODE’ and ‘RELATIVE MODE”

In Absolute Mode you can easily “replicate the experience of scratching with traditional vinyl.”

In Relative Mode you can use digital features like Hot Cues and Sync. You’re also able to scratch freely, regardless of whether the needle is on the control vinyl or not.


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